Covid 19 Update

With the ever-changing climate we are currently in we wanted to reassure you with our updates to ensure we fall in line with the CFSG/Defra guidelines for Pet Business Owners. 


We have reopened for business as of 13th May 2020 and are able to take bookings as usual so please contact your walker to get booked in. Any new customers please contact us and we will call you to discuss your requirements first. 


Our walkers will ensure that they follow the below guidelines and best practises:


- Face coverings to be worn when entering a house 

- Gloves to be worn when entering a house (these will be a new pair of disposable gloves each time entering the property) 

- Dogs will only be mixed on walks with the owner’s permission from households that are not isolating or shielding. 

- Dogs will only be let off lead where safe to do so as decided by the walker.

- Limited contact will occur between the walker and the dog while out. 

- Hand sanitizer will be used between each visit 

- If vehicles are used to transport dogs for walks, these will be disinfected between households. 

- Our own leads will be used and disinfected between each house.

- Pet visit will be conducted with gloves on and we ask that any food etc is either left out on the side or in one designated cupboard, so we have minimal touching of surfaces. 

- Pet visits will be spent out in the garden with the pets where possible and again minimal touching so we are asking for any toys to be left so we can interact in a safe way with your pet without touching them. 

- House sitting can now be booked, we again will limit our contact as much as possible while staying in your home and keep the designated areas eg, lounge, bedroom and bathrooms etc. A full clean of all areas used will be conducted once we have finished. 


Please note all meet and greets we encourage you to meet with your walker/sitter in the garden where possible, if this is not possible then we will wear face coverings and gloves inside and encourage you to also wear a face covering while your meet and greet goes ahead.     


Firstly we want to advise that we are fully aware that your dogs will have not read the rules that have been set out. We also need to make sure we are aware they will need to get used to the likes of face masks etc. It is going to be hard for your pets to get used to so this might need time and we will of course ensure we give you pets all the time they need. 


When entering your house if you know you are going to be home we ask that you ideally leave your pet in either the hallway or one room in the house so that we don’t need to come into face to face contact with yourself. If, however you will be home and we do see you face to face we are required to ask you to also wear a face covering and of course ensure we remain 1 + meters apart. 


Currently we are not taking any cash payments so please ensure you get your dog walkers bank details if you usually pay by cash.


We will be reviewing our updates as often as possible and the below links included are the guidelines set out that we are required to follow. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this.