“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Harriot

Before your first visit we take some basic information either on the phone or via email and answer any questions that you have. If then you decide that you are interested we like to come round for a FREE initial home visit, this is to come and meet you and your pets. During this visit we agree your requirements. You are absolutely fine to request to think about it, or you can make a decision there and then to go ahead with our services. This consultation then allows us to find out all of the important bits about you and your routine. This then enables us to establish exactly how we can make your lives easier.

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Dog Walking


We aim to provide a service where you can feel confident in leaving your pets at home while going out for the day. While your dog is out with us they will receive the love and care we would give to our own pets while having tons of fun ! We walk in lots of different areas and look to give your dog a fun and interactive walk ensuring they have burnt off all that excess energy. We are happy to let your dog off the lead if this is your regular routine and likewise if your dog is not confident off the lead we are happy to walk on the lead too. We always make sure we use the commands your dog is familiar with - this is discussed in the consultation. 


We offer hour and 30 minute dog walking slots. We allow extra time to ensure we can dry off and make sure the water bowl is topped up before we leave too. If you want a text each day as we leave to let you know your dog is home this is also something we can offer. However we do also offer to update Facebook while we are out so you can see what your dog has been up to and where they have been.


If you are looking for a longer slot or maybe your dog is a little older and only needs 20 minutes please just let me know when you make your enquiry.



30 mins £8.50(£2.00 extra for each dog from the same household)

45 min £10.50 (£3.00 extra for each dog from the  same household)

1 hour £12.50(£4.00 extra for each dog from the same household)




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Puppy Visits


Have you just introduced a new pup to your home, we offer puppy visits for those who are not quite big enough for a walk yet we offer a 30 mins puppy visits for the little ones! We can make sure your pup has that all important toilet break in the day, with lots of added fuss and play time and incorporating your training commands too to make sure we support you and your pup on your journey through puppy hood ! And don’t worry about any mess we will make sure we get that cleared up before you get home - we know it’s hard at the beginning for puppies so as long as we know where the cleaning cupboard is we can soon mop that up.


 30 min visit a day £8.50

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Pet Visits


If you’re going on holiday and need your small furries looking after then our pet visits are your best option. We can look after your guinea pigs to your cats popping in on them as many times in the day as you want. We off visits to suit your requirements and we ensure they are fed, fussed, litter trays changed and cleaned out if you need that doing too. Of course, fuss and play time is also included. We also offer to update Facebook so you can see what they have been up to and how much fun your pets are having. We again will come round to do a consultation to ensure we have all the information we need to get everything right while you are away. We are also happy to open and close curtains and feed plants in this time.

Please note we do not offer pet visits for dogs if you are going away overnight, this service is only suitable for your smaller pets while away on holiday.

15 min visit a day £6.50

30 min visit a day £8.50



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House Sitting

We come and stay in your home while you go on holiday or your pets can come and stay with us, so you don’t have to worry about putting your dog in the kennels or cat in the cattery. Everyone can stay in their usual routine while you go away and have a lovely holiday.

If we are staying in your home we make sure your daily routine is followed, maybe the garden needs watering every night and bins need putting out on a Friday, we make sure its all done and your dog walked, cats fed and fish looked after too. We leave in the morning between 9 - 10 am, popping back in the day to make sure your dog isn’t left for more than four hours, then arrive back for the evening around 5pm* (times can be different please let me know your requirements when booking).

*This service is not suitable for dogs that can’t be left for more than four hours 



House Sitting:

from £33 per night



If what your looking for isn't here, contact us to see if we can accommodate you and your pet's needs!

All prices shown are subject to change.

Bank Holidays are charged at double time.


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